I See London, I See France

Haley and I are getting married.

I don’t think Haley really knows we’re getting married yet, but I have a case to argue. We’ve been together for seven straight weeks, nonstop — in fact, she’s sitting in front of me as I type this, eating a plateful of spaghetti and completely ignoring that I exist. It’s the image of true love.

Let me present the justification for our common-law matrimony (and attempt to convince Haley to make it official):

     1. We share our biggest, geekiest moments together, without judgement and without restraint.

Haley and I are complete Harry Potter fanatics. I have no shame in admitting that my copy of Goblet of Fire has almost disintegrated, the binding worn through and the glue falling to bits. So the opportunity to go to the studio tour — IMG_0823



— was overwhelming.


I’ll be completely honest: I teared up. It felt a little silly, but standing in front of the castle that I spent my childhood imagining was an experience I know I won’t forget.


And when I looked over, there was Haley, just as misty-eyed, and just as emotional, and having someone to stand beside who understood the impact of a well-told story was exactly what I needed.

2. We are old people.

I think it bears mentioning that as I write this, Haley is jamming out to “Bang Bang” in a blue set of boxer shorts in our (disgusting, boy-stanky) kitchen.

But that’s not what I mean by “old people.” I mean that we totter around England together, saying things like “well would you look at that!” —

poppies in front of the Tower of London

poppies in front of the Tower of London

–and “oh, go stand by [landmark], I’ll take your picture!”


And, most often, “Let’s just sit down and soak it in for a minute.”

Hyde Park

Hyde Park.

We had no rush. All of London was before us, and we spent Reading Week — which is like Thanksgiving break but without the turkey and football — exploring it slowly, picking up souvenirs and having conversations with the dogs walking in the park.

3. We travel well together.

While traveling to Paris, Haley had the absolute pleasure of puking her way across the English Channel. She got really pale, and a more than a little annoyed, and buying her a 7Up didn’t help even though she said it did. But she made it through, and I played mom, and it was okay.

We made it to Paris and walked a total of nineish miles in one day — from the Arc du Triumphe —


all the way to the Eiffel Tower, before heading to our hostel.


Haley hates heights — a lot — so she sat out while I climbed the 600-some odd steps to the top and took in the sights of the city of love, sprawling out in front of me lazily, like it’d grown on its own instead of being built. IMG_1136

We trekked past the love lock bridges, where Haley found a key from one of the locks, strung it on her necklace, and decided it was good luck.


We know when we get tired, and when to call it quits. Haley and I got into Paris at 8 am and were napping by five. It’s not every day you find someone that can sync up to your napping schedule.

4. We remind each other how lucky we are.

Haley and I have a habit. Occasionally, we’ll stop everything we’re doing and remind each other of what’s going on. “Hey, Haley, we’re standing in front of Big Ben.” “Hey, Caitie, we’re at the Eiffel Tower.” “Hey. We’re in Europe.”

It’s easy to get jaded. It’s easy to settle into a rhythm and see every city as the same city. It’s easy to become immune to the wonder of the world. And Haley and I are so determined to remain in awe of everything we are doing. Reminding each other that we are in cities we’ve dreamed of for years is a gentle reminder to one another that we are really, really lucky.

5. We make each other laugh.

I kid you not, as I started writing this section of this post, Haley and I were sitting in dead silence, listening to “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” by Usher on Pandora, and at exactly the same time sang “I’m a huuustla baby” and returned to dead silence. My abs hurt from laughing at our stupidity.

This one is probably the most important. I am really lucky to travel with someone who is really, really funny (and trust me, she knows she’s funny. This isn’t news to her.). It makes it easier to stay away from home when your roommate can make you laugh until you cry. She gave an entire monologue for a stupid-looking bird at Hyde Park that made me both want to leave her in the middle of London and laugh for hours.

Haley, consider this a proposal. You have won me over with your unparalleled ability to rap every word to Jason Derulo’s “Down.” I expect you to purchase the rings, but I think I’m alright with copping the cost of transport back to London so we can get married in Westminster Abbey. See you soon!

(PS. I didn’t even really want to use this particular title for this post, but Haley and I fight over blog post titles and this one was too sweet a victory to pass up.)


2 thoughts on “I See London, I See France

  1. Caitie – We (my BFF, Jeanette & I) LOVE your blogs. We are both very happy that you are enjoying and savoring every minute of your journey.
    Miss you, Love you, Grandma


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