The Adjustment Period

Things I’m not used to yet:

*looking the other way when crossing the street
*driving in general feels like a near-death experience
*sleeping in late
*not smelling like I only wear eau de chlorine perfume
*the limited variety of food on-campus
*climbing to the top floor of the block at the top of the mountain (sweating just thinking about it)
*the stupid cough that I STILL can’t shake from three weeks ago
*how quickly one can jump from country to country
*the endless variety of jokes and insults that come with saying “yes, I’m from America”
*looking at photos of “the top ten most beautiful places in the UK” and being able to say I’ve seen the view firsthand
*complete creative freedom in my courses
*there are more burger kings here than in Charleston somehow
*being called America
*being this happy all the time, always


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