(Insert travel cliche)

There have been exactly two problems with my stay at USW so far.

First, my computer isn’t operational anymore, meaning that I couldn’t post pictures from the trip to Bath that Haley and I took this past Saturday. Im writing this post off the WordPress app and I’m a little bitter that I didn’t take any photos with my phone camera. Suffice to say the Roman baths were worth every pence spent on them. The water was rust green and warm enough that steam made a thin film over the surface; the statues were better preserved than I could have expected, with facial features that could still look you in the face; there was a fully reconstructed skeleton of a worker inside the museum, with his tomb and wrappings underneath. I geeked out.

The second thing that’s been problematic is the lack of things to do on the USW campus for the next few days. We have no classes, no meetings, no schedules and no responsibilities. So Haley and I, being the not-so-frugal problem solvers that we are, booked ourselves a flight to Dublin, where we’re staying in a hostel that used to be a studio that recorded the likes of U2 and Van Morrison (among others). If you don’t think that’s kick ass, you’re wrong.
I’ve said it before: it comes in waves. I forget, sometimes, that I’m not a few hours’ drive from home. But then I remember that in two weeks Haley and I have been in four completely different new countries, explored four different cities, and managed to avoid the W-curve and ride our high with no foreseeable lows in sight. We are very, very lucky. But we worked very, very hard to be here.



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