Things That Have Happened in the Past 24 Hours:

–I said goodbye to all things American, including nickels, socially acceptable sweat pants, and Chicago accents

mom and lee

Also, these two, which was particularly difficult.

–I took my first flight over the Atlantic Ocean and am infinitely grateful that it was at night because if I’d been able to see that much water that far below me I might have fainted

–An artery in my brain almost burst when Haley put her passport in the wrong pocket and thought she’d lost it before we even made it to the UK

–We checked into accommodation, and I’m pleasantly surprised; each of us gets a single with an attached bathroom, and six flatmates share a kitchen area

–Registered for International Welcome Week and received a so-geeky-it’s-hilarious lanyard with a “CAITLIN – AMERICAN” nametag
–Ate an entire 10-inch pizza by myself for dinner because it has been a looooooong 24 hours

–Realized just how God awful the exchange rate is from USD to pounds

–Cried like a baby when I found the note my dad left me in my luggage, which I think was his intention and which I both love and hate him for

–Currently sitting back and enjoying the view out of my beautiful, wonderful, stationed-directly-in-Treforest window.

because who wouldn't want to stare out the window at this forever?

because who wouldn’t want to stare out the window at this forever?


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