Packing, Or: Things I Hate More Than the Dentist

I’ve done it. I’ve finally, after three full days at home, managed to watch every free episode of Bob’s Burgers available on-demand. I’ve explored the final frontier of procrastination, have mapped the territory and have laughed at the awkward and uncomfortable.

With nothing left to do I managed to pack every bit of “necessary” clothing into two suitcases in two hours. And now, exhausted, I’ve thrown every reject in a pile in the closet to deal with in three months. I’m nothing if not consistent in my procrastination. (Maybe my mom will find it and clean it up before I get home. A girl can dream.)

Nothing about this trip feels real yet. I have T-13 hours until arrival at the airport and I still feel like I could be heading back to Eastern any day. Haley keeps asking if I’m nervous, and I think “yes” is still the right answer, but not because I’m afraid of things going wrong. I’m more afraid of unknown. What happens when we get there?

No answers until we leave. Let the countdown begin.


One thought on “Packing, Or: Things I Hate More Than the Dentist

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